The consultant network within Sub-surface consists of scientists, engineers and advisors for license work, modelling, interpretation, wellbore planning, operational planning and wellsite work within G&G, Reservoir and Production Technology.



Drilling & Well

The consultant network within Drilling & Well consists of advisors, engineers and supervisors in early phase and field development projects within Exploration and Production Drilling, Completion, Intervention, RLWI, Workovers and P&A.



The consultant network within Facilities System consists of advisors, engineers and supervisors to MODU & FPSO projects within disciplines like Marine, Drilling, EIT, Mechanical, Structure and Well Control/BOP.


The Subsea network of consultants consists of advisors, engineers and supervisors within Subsea well equipment (WH, XT, WOS), Manifolds, Templates, Control systems, SURF, and more.


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